/in ˈtər/ˈ ak(t)SH(o͞o)əˌlīz/ˈ ə


A catalyst for the development and realization of potential in self and others through interactive, emergent principles.

One who uses their actualizing potential for the benefit of others.


InterActualizer is a creative collective designing and implementing cutting-edge programs, creative learning content and developmental tools for upgrading and optimizing human possibility.

Our passion lies in discovering, communicating and integrating new ways of supporting optimal individual, organizational and social functioning and sustainable change. We try to make great better.

Our Emergent Coach Training  program merges cutting-edge cognitive science and systems thinking with ancient depth practices and advanced International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies bringing something new to the field of change conversations.

We’re dedicated to values of equity, integrity, diversity, excellence and transparency and to the emergence of a better, wiser and more sustainable way of being for all. It’s a big vision, but we believe it’s essential to aim high.

Emergent Coach Training®

The Emergent Coach Training® program integrates cutting-edge cognitive science, Focusing, systems thinking, depth psychology & human development theory with ancient wisdom practices into an innovative, whole-person, embodied coaching methodology. It’s an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program training professional coaches to PCC-level and currently earns up to 156 ACSTH in total. It can be purchased as individual courses or as a complete end to end experience.


Mindfulness Training

Our mindfulness programs blend ancient wisdom practices with cutting-edge, science-based learning all taught by our world-class faculty. Our in-person programs all earn ICF ACSTH/CCEU’s.

In-person 8-week program: Level 1

In this you learn all the foundational practices of mindfulness as they have been taught for over 2.5 millennia.

In-person 5-week program: Level 2

Here’s where we deepen that learning and explore more nuanced areas of practice and our human experience.

Self-guided 8-week program

This is a self-guided version of the in-person 8-week filled with films, content and practice meditations.


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