This workshop is designed to introduce and explore some key depth skills of a professional Emergent Coach and takes the capacity to coach a professional competencies arc as a given. We’ve opened this particular workshop up for trained coaches entering our Emergent Complete program who wish to have an introduction to these skills prior to entering our core program. Doing so will significantly support your learning in the core program. This 2-day intensive introduces you to the ‘special sauce’ of an Emergent Coach, capacities which turn the arc skills into ones which will support emergent insight & effortless behavioral change in your clients.

The entire Zoom workshop consists of 2 days each containing 3, 2-hour classes. There are appropriate breaks in between each session. The workshops currently begin at 10am US eastern and complete at 5.00pm US eastern. For ICF units, full on-camera attendance is required.

Over the two days through practical learning, breakout and teacher demonstration we cover:

  • Exploration of the science and research underpinning the Emergent approach including why & how the depth tools are essential for accessing implicit intelligence. We also explore successfully communicating this approach to all types of clients.
  • The difference between therapy, consulting, mentoring & coaching when using our approach. How to stay in your lane!
  • The importance of bringing an integrated approach to change and development and meeting the client where they’re at—how & when to go deep & when to stay practical and logistical.
  • How to integrate working with implicit intelligence with the explicit conceptual for more effective coaching sessions and why that is so incredibly effective.
  • Powerfully introducing visualization and somatics into sessions for accessing implicit, intuitive intelligence.
  • Practical exercises to experience the power of our somatic coaching methods & how to make the approach simple and accessible for your clients including the art of seamlessly bringing the body into coaching conversations.
  • How to somatically work with intention & commitment for greater impact.
  • The ‘how’ of Presencing/mindfulness as a coaching meta- competency and it’s importance for a more integral and powerful coaching container.
  • Working in the now as a tool for future change.
  • Employing contemplative inquiry & reflection for getting ‘under the hood’ and to deeper responses.
  • Engaging intuition as both coach & client resource.
  • An introduction to Focusing as a key coaching resource.
  • The art of resonant reflection as a ‘next level’ listening skill.
  • How to live and embody the larger ethical picture including considering our and client’s impact on society, environment and world.



Sat Jan 29th & Sun Jan 30th from 7am Pacific/10am Eastern to 2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern

Sat April 23rd & Sun April 24th from 7am Pacific/10am Eastern-2pm Pacific/5pm Eastern