Mindfulness, Leadership and Managing Change

Leadership is now understood by many to imply collective action, orchestrated in such a way as to bring about significant change while raising the competencies and motivation of all those involved—that is action where more than one individual influences the process.

—Bornstein & Smith, quoted in The Leader of the Future

How can organizations change and why would they? In this recording of my NPR show The Story of Change, Prof Bill Brendel from Penn State University and I explore how change happens in organizational culture, leadership, motives and behaviors and what it might mean for companies and for the wider social fabric. Bill’s work focuses on the intersection of ancient practices (in particular mindfulness) and organizational growth and change and he offers us fascinating insights into new paradigms for organizational culture and broader benefits for all society.

We explore how these shifts are particularly vital as we collectively face ever more radical disruption from challenges such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution and climate change.


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