Mindfulness Training

Our mindfulness programs blend ancient wisdom practices with cutting-edge, science-based learning all taught by our world-class faculty


How would it be to have a different relationship with your mind and inner dialogue? One which allowed you to make wiser actions—to respond instead of just react? To live with greater ease, way less stress and indecision? To feel like you were 100% participating in your life instead being someone who life just seemed to happen to? Or, even worse, always seemed to be passing you by?

Happiness, contentment, success and fulfillment are mostly an inside not an outside job. What’s needed is a shift of perception—an innershift. A change in how the mind functions and how we relate to the mind. It requires mind training.

Mindfulness is not a holiday from the thinking mind as is often believed, nor is it about having rigid control over it. The practices of mindfulness offer a profoundly powerful path of freedom from being tyrannized by our mind, by learning to cultivate an entirely different relationship to it. It is a mind training without parallel, one which now has more than four decades of scientific studies highlighting its potency for manifesting profound psychological and biological positive change and over 2.5 millennia of teaching structure.

We currently have three key programs integrated into our coach training programs, yet they all can be taken as stand alone trainings. You do not need to be in our coach training programs nor even be a coach to take them.

Mindfulness Level 1:
An 8-Week Program

This is our level 1 in-person virtual 8-week mindfulness training program and is ideal for learning how to practice or how to consolidate your existing practice. Click to learn more. Earns 8 ACSTH

Mindfulness Level 2:
A 6-Week Program

This is our level 2 in-person virtual 6-week training program. Here you will build on the level 1 skills & deepen your exploration of the mind and its functions. Click to learn more. Earns 6 ACSTH

Mindfulness: An Online
8-Week Program

This is a level 1 online, self-guided program containing everything you need to learn the practices and which allows you to work through at your own pace. Click to learn more.